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Courtesy of Spoilerfix

Olive's confession about her past occupation surprises the gang.

Chuck is decorating Pie Hole for Halloween and she and Olive argue over whether or not Ned hates the holiday.

A man is killed and when Ned touches him, he tells them that his wife did it. Emerson becomes angry later when he discovers the man was a polygamist with 4 wives. Emerson, Ned, Chuck get Olive each question a wife to learn which one of them killed the unlucky man. During the investigations, one of the wives attacks Emerson, putting him in the basement with a shock collar around his neck.

A young woman is killed and Ned, Chuck and Emerson learn a scratch-n-sniff sticker on a booby-trapped book exploded. Ned, Chuck and Emerson are nearby when another attempt is made on his life, this time with a car bomb. A man confesses to the crimes, but Ned, Chuck and Emerson don't believe he's guilty.

A young man named Tony is strangled to death and police arrest his girlfriend Tina. Tina hires Emerson to prove her innocence and find the real killer.

Dilly Balsom (Molly Shannon) sics the health inspector on Ned and The Pie Hole.

The health inspector finds lipstick on his coffee cup, Digby in the kitchen and a storage room full of rotten fruit, so he closes down The Pie Hole.

Ned is arrested and put in jail for a crime he didn't commit.


The Christmas episode will have you looking at snowmen in a whole new light.
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