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"Two Places"
Joe and Sarah meet with their daughter's principle. Paige seems to be acting out because of their divorce. The couple reveals they're attempting to reconcile, but haven't yet told their children. Nora accompanies Sarah to the doctor and chastises her for not telling Joe what's going on. The appointment takes a tragic turn. Meanwhile, Tommy waits while Julia heads in for her own doctor's appointment.

"36 Hours"
Robert is not too happy with Melanie, one of his staff members, because she let Courtney in without warning him. Later, he and Travis have a meeting with Cutler Weeks, also known as the King of Pork, one of the campaign's financial supporters. Scotty meets with a shady guy. Nora is shocked when pop ups of naked women show up on her computer. Tommy calls Dr. Paul Kruger when Julia's condition seems to take a turn for the worse.

"Sex and Sensibility"
Robert and Kitty take dance classes in order to prepare for their wedding and things won't be easy because Kitty keeps leading. It's the Robert/Kitty wedding. Nora gives her daughter away and the couple recites their own vows. Holly asks a waiter for drinks during the wedding. Two Secret Service Agents drop by to ask Stan a question or two.

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