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whats your dream soapnet lineup?

5a- Yesterdays Y&R
6a- Yesterdays AMC
7a- Yesterdays OLTL
8a- Yesterdays GH
9a- Yesterdays Days
10a- Classic AMC
11a- Classic OLTL
12p- Search For Tomorrow
- Ryans Hope
1p- Capitol
- Loving/The City
2p- Another World
3p- Santa Barbara
4p- Classic YR
5p- Classic GH
6p- Classic Days
7p- Todays Y&R
8p- Todays AMC
9p- Todays OLTL
10p- Todays GH
11p- Todays Days
12a- Spyder Games/Undressed/Other short lived primetime stuff
1a- 90210/Melrose Place/Party of 5/Dawsons Creek/Felicity/ETC...
2a- Hotel/Dallas/Dynasty/Falcon Crest/Knotts Landing/ETC...
3a- Another World
4a- Santa Barbara

Notes: All the Classic stuff, i would start from the 80's, maybe late 70's.... the 12a lineup would rotate between shorter lived primetime dramas targetd at a younger audiance. the 1a lineup would rotate between 90's primetime drama and the 2a lineup rotate between 80's primetime drama.

for the weekends....

5a-10a- marathon of weeks worth Search/Ryan
10a-3p- marathon of weeks worth of AMC
3p-8p- marathon of weeks worth of OLTL
9p-2a- marathon of weeks worth of SB

2a-7a- Weeks worth of AW
7a-12p- Weeks worth of YR
12p-5p- Weeks worth of GH
5p-10p- Weeks worth of Days
10p-12a- Soap Movie
12a-5p- Weeks worth of Capitol/Loving

Notes: Soap Movie would be a diff movie every week. SoapDish, Carpool Guy, there was a John Candy movie where he is a soap writer and hes in a coma in his soap... movies with soap stars in them. during the movie it would have interviews with soap people related to the movie and also offer a preview of whats comming this week on all the soaps.
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