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Tuesday's Episode

I think it's because I just started tuning in again that ATWT seems to be so good for me.

---LOVE the Chris/Emily pairing- Hughes + Stewart= Drama! LOVED the interspersed reactions of Kim and Susan. Speaking of which, loved seeing my Susan. I hope she starts getting used on a more regular basis.

---I actually found the Rosanna/Paul/Meg/Craig quad to be quite enjoyable today. I enjoyed all the wedding prep scenes and Barbara's newfound niceness to the women in her sons' lives is downright refreshing. I LOVE Meg when her life is in turmoil. Ms. Wilson has this uncanny knack for tapping into here character's human emotions. And Craig was acting like quite the jerk, dontcha think?

---Katie & Brad are kinda cute together. Even though Peck is a big dumb oaf at times, I love his little oafy self. (is oafy a real word?) It doesn't hurt that Mr. Peck & I were born on the same day!

---Carly & Jack may be in a sham of a story, but they still gots the goods. And LOVED Jack's exchange with Paul. Priceless.

----Finally I really enjoyed the throughline of today's episode- Mothers & their children. You had Chris & Kim, Emily & Susan, Barbara & Paul, and Emma & Meg.
I hate to say it but I really enjoyed the writing today so kudos to Jean Piss!

Note- I know it's JPiss, but JeanPiss is much more fun.
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