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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK the agent sounds just as delusional and unprofessional as Marcus but his post was interesting.

1. Stephen Wyman was abusive? I thought a bunch of people were buds with him. Wasn't he pictured at Martha's wedding with Ali Sweeney, BD, RM and others? And isn't he buds with Thaao too? That was kind of... odd.

2. The agent really liked Ken Corday but made Ed Scott sound two-faced. Sounds like Kenny isn't in control right now and Ed is, but it was Ken who brought him on and pushed the TTS summer storyline (and also the Brady-DiMera feud storyline) and Hogan wasn't interested in either of them and that's why they sucked so much... especially moreso once he got done being busy with filming SoapStar it seemed like. To me, this doesn't absolve Hogan for their suckiness because I think if Hogan had given them half a chance they could have been awesome, but Hogan just wasn't interested and didn't bother hiding that and that's why everything suffered and why everything seemed so haphazard and disjointed with all the returns and then the returnees disappearing from sight for weeks at a time.

3. What was said about DOOL being a more writing-centered show heightened my suspicion that Ed is sort of giving Hogan free reign to do his thing right now which is why we are getting do-overs on so much with John Black REALLY dying this time, another rape story and them finally having an EJ killed whodunnit (I'm speculating based on the kajillion anvils, this is not a spoiler-based comment ;). It also ensures that I will continue to hold Hogan accountable for the poor quality of this show's stories whenever it surfaces.

4. OK I get the shot at Ali Sweeney because there are complaints about her on the blogs, but Bryan Dattilo? That was kind of a random pot shot. I mean ICAM with the sentiment that Lucas/Bryan is not the anchor male this show needs but what agent for another client says that? And why?
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