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Oct 30 2007, 02:57 PM
If you look at today's television, it is still quite behind the times as far as involving people of color. Days of Our Lives in fact now will have only one person (a black man) as their ethnic character (token).

Not true. James Reynolds is not the only black person on 'Days'. After Renee Jones leaves we will still have Ashlee (IWBASS winner), Tanya Boyd, and Carmen (sorority girl).

His ego is almost as big as his penis. That's the biggest turn-off in a person.

I absolutely hate the way he basically referred to daytime actors as pieces of shit with low-level talent. What the hell does he think of himself? He might be damn good looking, but he's also very wooden stoic in his line delivery.

Did he actually go through the IMDB profiles of every single actor/actress on Days just to see if their rating was higher than his? Also, he thought his high-selling issue of Playgirl would cause the Days ratings to rise? Please, please. You're a newbie on this show, nothing more.

Meanwhile, he's right about daytime (and Days in specific) needing better race representation. There's a giant audience of black folks who watch soap operas, and they're just not being represented or marketed to as they should be. I believe that Y&R is (or at least was) the soap that had the largest AA following, because their community was well represented with the characters of Olivia, Drucilla, Malcolm and Neil. Now, only one is left and I'd be interested to see what percentage of the AA audience has left now that they're not being represented as fully as in the past. Do soaps think that it will turn white folks away if there are too many black folks on the show or something? Same goes for the large audience of gay men who watch soaps, yet they have the least amount of representation in daytime than anyone (except Asians, perhaps).

At the same time, however, diversity for the sake of diversity is a bad idea, as well. I would hate to have the cast bombarded with dozens of newbies that I don't give two steamy shits about just to see a little more diversity. They must have a purpose.
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