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PX780, loved the letter! Brilliant!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the comment slamming Bryan Datillo made me mad! I don't like the character of Lucas but BD seems like a nice guy. He's a veteran actor on MY soap, which I watch every day of the week, and MP and his agent have no right to slam him like that. What did BD do to them to deserve that? MP was there 3 or 4 months; what makes him an expert on DAYS? Do they think Jett should have been paired with Sami? The character of Jett was awful, but he could have been made more tolerable if MP was a halfway decent actor; however, he showed me nothing acting-wise. There's no way Jett could have become a lead character, despite his IMDB number. Good riddance! Now he has lots of time to rescue porn stars.
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