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LoL, all of his fellow actor bashing aside, I just can't get past him thinking that it's considered humanitarian work to date a porn star.

And he "rescued" her? LoL! I picture him rushing into the middle of a filming, whipping his pants off and declaring that his "piece" was bigger than her scene partner's, and thus she should come away with him into the night and leave the underworld of STD's and fake boobs behind. His mention of her was more of a plug for his flavor-of-the-week rather than an actual example of his work as a humanitarian.

When I think of humanitarian work, I think of feeding the starving children across the globe. I think of saving runaway teens from selling drugs and giving them a place to sleep. I think of giving healthcare to those who can't afford it, yet desperately need it. These are what I think of when I consider "humanitarian" work. I mean, really... he linked to her MySpace! "Check out girlfriend, the hot asian porn star!"

What next? Winning the Nobel Peace Prize for offering a hooker $150 for thirty minutes of fun rather than the usual $75.95? (don't ask me how I know the exact figures, by the way...) :P

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