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Oct 31 2007, 12:55 PM
Many people blocked that era out, LOL.

But basically: Whatever was seen from the end of 2002(I think) to the Salem Stalker story was her.


Ken Corday promoted her to headwriter, talking about how she had such a fantastic vision, and within six months she was let go completely because she sucked so badly, LoL.

Nothing happened when she wrote the show. Nothing! The characters sat around, talked... talked some more... talked some more... talked a little more... then continued to talk, talk, talk... it was just a giant talk-a-thon. Nothing that I can recall ever reached a climax or a dramatic turning point. It was always just a bunch of boring nothingness and stagnancy.

Hogan Sheffer had better make her ass write like her life depends on it, because if I have any say in the matter, it very well might, LoL.
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