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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jinxed Soul
Oct 31 2007, 10:23 PM
It was interesting that Belle went to Sami and talked to her. I know they're sisters, but they've just never come off as being THAT close.

I liked it as hilarious as the idea is that Belle was going to SAMI for advice. It was funny how they acknowledged that and it was nice seeing through what she told Belle that at her core Sami is still the lying sneak she's always been whose first impulse is to deny, deny, deny. Maybe the anti-Brady still is in there somewhere and is just waiting to resurface. And love her idea that she is already planning how to control EJ.

I also enjoyed EJ's scheming dynamic with Kate. In a way you can tell EJ really does care about his friend, Kate, but at the same time it seems like he knows that getting Kate to go along with the scheme won't help her with Lucas in the long run and he refuses to feel bad about that because it helps him reach his goals.

I don't get why Kate is a party to this though. She seems to feel really really bad about hurting Lucas. It's not fun watching Kate partake of nefarious deeds but not have any glee about it.

Loved loved loved psycho Marlena and the banging piano accompaniment for her crazy. Lemme see more crazy Marlena, please.
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