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Is it bad that I thought yesterday was better then today?

Yesterday felt more heartfelt and traditional Days. Today was similar but things felt less gripping today.

I enjoyed Sami and Belle and the little hints of Sami's old ways. Liked the reaction to EJ coming in and I like the buildup to Belle possibly cheating again, which seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.

Kate and EJ's scheme was interesting and I like how Roman was suspicious of it and that it wasn't the typical situation where everyone buys it. I am just glad the divorce go round is over and we are getting somewhere. The last scene with Kate was fun too. Loved her pointing the gun at EJ.

Nice seeing Stefano too, especially out of the chair and back at the mansion. Love his scenes with EJ.

Bo, Hope, and Marlena together at the Pub was nice. I just love this side of Marlena. Dee's performance was chilling. The way she pretty much thought all this out (going back to John's shooting last winter) and Hope's reaction combined with the dialogue was the makings of a intense scene. It came off well and Hope admitting her fears to Bo was right on too. Good scenes all around. Bo and Sami's scenes were nice too.

Ok show. I actually liked the young character stuff better this week but I know I am in the minority :lol:
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