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I know we all know this, but hopefully, PissAnt trolls the boards and will eventually see this:

September 26, 1988 - November 29, 1988
Iva finds her father, Jared Carpenter. The family tells Iva the reasons she was put up for adoption. Margo and Tom stun their family when they return from Greece with their new baby, Adam. Lien's surprised when Tom introduces her to her new brother. Iva visits with Hank. Iva spends more time with Jared. Kirk spends time with Addie Fitzgibbons. Lucinda introduces Addie to Lily. Iva updates the family on Jared's condition. Iva and Craig talk at The Cellar. Josh kick's Tonio's ass. Iva visits Tonio. Iva visits Josh. Josh admits to Iva that he's in love with Meg. Kirk oversees Craig and Iva hugging at the hospital. Lyla and Casey talk with Iva and Addie at the hospital. Casey informs Iva she has a phone call from Lenore while Addie and Kirk exchange glances. Tom, Bob, and Kim pack up Nancy's apartment and Don arrives for the wedding. Josh asks Iva to deliver a letter to Meg for him. Lisa holds a wedding shower for Nancy. David Stewart shows up at Lisa's. Hal, Paul, Tom and others attend Mac's bachelor party. Nancy talks to a photo of Chris the night before her wedding to Dan. Bernice, Mac's daughter, gives Nancy something old to wear for her wedding. Everyone gets ready for the wedding at Bob and Kim's house. Penny arrives for the wedding. Mac and Nancy get married. Frannie (Julianne Moore) talks with Lyla and Casey. Sabrina calls. Tom sings "Time After Time" at the reception. Kirk gives Caleb a check to payback Lucinda's loan. Tonio confronts Meg about the child not being his (Meg's pregnant). Meg suffers a miscarriage and has to have a hysterectomy. Iva talks with Craig about her realtionship with Kirk. Jared visits the farm. Cal's first day. Lucinda introduces herself to Cal, thinking he's her new stablehand. Emma and Jared dance then Jared keels over. Meg takes care of him. Grant Coleman visits Oakdale. Andy apologizes to Hank. Bob gives his night before Thanksgiving speech. Meg and Tonio have words.

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