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Loved Sami and Belle and EJ/Sami/Belle. ITA with others that it felt like we got to see a little of the real Sami again during her talk with Belle, and the dialogue had me laughing for sure. The Shawn's mother line was great and also the denying part :)

I think EJ really does care about Kate; I mean it was clear he didn't want to even consider lucas not showing up. If he hadn't tried to comfort her when they saw the names changed for the twins yesterday, I might buy he was only using her to get what he wanted. JS uses his eyes to convey more emotion than a lot of actors are able to pull off period. Kate and EJ work good together though, and this was a win-win plan so I loved it. Roman seemed a bit smarter than normal, but I had to laugh over Kate saying she went under the dashboard. EJ offering to shoot Kate was priceless -- esp when combined with her reaction.

After watching Marlena (and the possession sl fresh in my mind) I'm ready for her to start levitating again :unsure:

I thought it was a good episode.
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