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For Better or Gerse

Days' Will voices his desire to move to Zurich and live with Carrie and Austin this week - then heads there on Nov 16th, leaving Lucas out a son and a wife in the wake of Sami and EJ's nuptials.

"Lucas thinks it's a good idea, because it's a more stable home for him," says Bryan R. Dattilo [Lucas]. "He doesn't want Will to see his mom in an ugly predicament." Which puts Dattilo in an odd one.

"It's kind of weird," admits the actor, who is a devoted father and to son Gabe who is 7. "I would never put my child on a flight anywhere. I would always take care of my child, no matter how old. That was a hard sell for me to be okay with that as a father. But you've got to play the story line."

Dattilo hopes Will's exit "doesn't mean the end of Chris Gerse. I hope he comes back, because he's great." One good sign: there was no good-bye party for the teenager. "It was an abrupt ending. I didn't even put it together that he was doing his last stuff until he was leaving and left a little note in my room," reports Dattilo. "Chris is a classy kid. He thanked me for being so fun to work with and for being his onscreen dad. He wished me luck with the show and with my son, and he invited me to his 16th birthday party. I'm going to try to attend."

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