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Gunfire rings out after Sami and EJ exchange "I do's" this week on Days of Our Lives, leaving the groom fighting for his life.

The bang up nuptials are set in motion when EJ waltzes into Lucas and Sami's apartment and announces the wedding is set for the next night, because Stefano is about to return to Italy, and EJ wants his father at the ceremony. "Obviously, Lucas is not happy about it." says Bryan R Dattilo [Lucas]. "He tries to talk Sami out of it. Lucas doesn't understand the rush. He knows there has to be a bigger reason."

Lucas tears off and confronts Stefano about pushing up the wedding and his attempt to kill Kate. "Lucas huffs and puffs, but Stefano dismisses him," recounts Dattilo. He also insists he had nothing to do with Kate's shooting."

Realizing Stefano is telling the truth, Lucas confronts Kate about her fake shooting and finagles EJ into confirming it. "Lucas couldn't believe it. He's furious," notes Dattilo. His fury turns to heartbreak when Sami and EJ's wedding day arrives, and Sami is determined to go through with it. "As Sami is leaving, Lucas asks her to please not do this," explains Dattilo. But Sami drops her wedding ring [from Lucas] on the table and leaves. Lucas is very distraught.

So he's in no mood for Kate, who shows up wanting to make peace with her son. Lucas offers Kate a deal. If Kate wants back in Lucas' life, if she wants to see his kids, she'll stop Sami from marrying EJ," says Dattilo. A disgruntled Kate leaves, and viewers later see her loading a gun. Meanwhile, Lucas tinkers with a gun in his apartment, and Steve and Roman toy with revolvers, too.

As Sami and EJ's wedding begins three different guns are trained on the groom. After the couple finish their vows, three shots are fired. EJ is hit and rushed to the hospital. "Lucas is definitely capable of shooting EJ. He has killed in the past," notes Dattilo, [referring to Franco] and now he has just cause for wanting to take EJ's life."

Not to mention his new wife.
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