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Viewing Single Post From: Which Soaps are you Watching?

I grew up on the CBS lineup (Love of Life,Where the Heart Is,Search,Edge,ATWT,GL,Love is A Many Splendored Thing and Secret Storm). I was in school,of course and those were the days before VCR's so I didn't see them all the time. The local ABC affiliate put Dark Shadows on in the late afternoon so I watched that.I remember watching DAYS when Bill raped Mickey's wife Laura and she became pregnant.

Today, I watch ATWT and Y&R. I have basically given up on GL.I have it on and I catch bits and pieces of it. Sad thing is that the awful Ellen Weston period was a lot better to me then David Kreizman's crap now.Ellen Wheeler made a good director on ATWT but this lady should never be allowed to produce another show!

I tune in to DAYS everynow and then and keep up with B&B throught the magazines and the boards.
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