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Nov 1 2007, 10:06 AM
Nov 1 2007, 08:02 AM
I'm not a fan of Will Gerse, but still...that seems a little cold.  He's been around a long time and is just a kid; they could have at least given him a cake!  And why did they bother to bring him back?  He could have called and told them over the phone he wanted to stay with Carrie and Austin.  It's not like they wanted to have a big bonding scene with his new brother and sister because so far he hasn't even visited Sami and the twins.

Sorry but I have a hard time feeling bad for a mediocre 16-year-old actor just getting quickly written out (with the possibility of him coming back later on if needed for the story) when we have seen a lot more talented characters/interesting characters killed recently so that the actors who depend on these roles for their livelihoods (I doubt Chris depends on his money for DOOL to pay for food and a home or he has any kids to support) can never come back. Not just Drake/John, but also Steve/Bart, James/Benjy, etc...

I mean compared to what DOOL did to Drake and is doing to Renee this isn't so bad.

I don't have a problem with Chris Gerse leaving. It's just the way it happened, without a chance to say good-bye. He's only 16 and it seems like they could have handled it better, but that's probably just the mom in me coming out. The character of Will is not needed and Gerse is not a good actor so I'm fine with him going. If Will comes back, it should definitely be a different actor, but hopefully it won't be for a long while because right now he doesn't fit in with the story.
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