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I hate that we didn't get ANY of the Qs at the ball! I mean, WTF?! It is a ball for Alan! And Monica is working? Edward sends his regards?! Seriously... then this ball shouldn't have been for Alan... it should have been about something else... Nik could have simply made for his and Em's engagement... Silly...

I thought we would get to see at least Tracy there... disappointment...

But the good stuff about the ball were (for now): Lulu and Logan are amazing together! Love them!

CAT FIGHT!!! Loved it! I don't root for neither Sam or Liz, but I still loved their little punchfest!

But before that, L&L2 scenes were really nice...

Nik's proposal was done nicely as well.

Anthony is a total loon... I love it!

And the idea of Maxie and Johnny sounds AWESOME! They could do so many bad things together... :D

It was okay for the first episode... can't wait for more! But I still can't believe Edward, Tracy, Monica, Bobbie... none of them showed up... ugh!
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