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I've got to say that ATWT is MILES better than Y&R is of late. But is that really saying all that much?

---Now that I'm back into it, Meg is once again my favorite character (save Susan). I can't help but sympathize with the girl's plight. The only thing I wish is that it was DUSTY's baby she was pregnant with, not Paul or Craig.

---Speaking of Craig- I LOBSTER LOVE Scott Bryce in the role. Yes, they have made Craig into a monster, but Mr. Bryce is playing that monster oh-so-well. I can't help but be totally afraid of him. Nice to see Meg is still a resilient one and doesn't allow him to push her around...................too much.

---Austin......I mean Brad & Katie are pretty cute together. I've got to say, I'm really liking Katie lately. Too bad they've over-matured her (ala Sami on DAYS). I've said it before & I'll say it again: Terri Columbino plays the perfect tart- so, can't we make her into that again? It's not too late.

---Luke & Noah were interesting to watch today. Van is such a natural- he brings out the best in other characters. And it's good to see Dusty in the mix because it makes total sense- Dusty was one of Luke's supporters not that long ago. But I did miss Holden.

BTW- I hadn't been watching for a while- why are Holden & Lily on the fritz?

Looking forward to today's show as well!
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