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730Santa Barbara (yesterdays repeat)
830 AW (yesterdays repeat)
930 Texas (hour long)
1030 OLTL (classic)
1130 Loving (hour long)
1230 Edge of Night (hour long)
130 ATWT (yesterdays same day repeat)
230 Knots Landing
330 Dynasty
430 Ryans Hope
5pm Ryans Hope
530pm Santa Barbara
630pm ATWT (same day episode)
730 pm Another World
830 Y&R (classic)
930 GL (classic)
1030 OLTL (same day episode)
1130 Y&R (same day episode)
1230 ATWT (classic)
130 Edge of Night (repeat)
230 Falcon Crest
330 Knots Landing
430 Dark Shadows (2 hour episodes)
630 Capitol
sign off

ATWT marathon
OLTL marathon
soap (comedy)
Sunset Beach 3-1 hour long episodes
Edge of Night marathon

Santa Barbara , marathon
Another World Marathon
Search For Tomorrow 1 hour long -1980
Sunset Beach 3 -1hour long episodes repeat
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