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Red Mist
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Nov 1 2007, 02:59 PM
Nov 1 2007, 10:18 AM
Thanks Jonatha! :hail:  This sounds exciting...And with Ej injured and Sami nursing him, it looks like History will repeat itself...The Santeen love story is now the Ejami love story.  :cheers:

BD is awesome for pointing out Lucas's murderous side...I just love when that is pointed out...No Saints in Salem. Lucas has killed in cold blood before.

It sure is! Only this time instead of Santo cheating on his wife with Colleen, it'll be Sami cheating on EJ with Lucas. And instead of Colleen ending up "dead", EJ will. :P

And last time I checked, killing two people to save two others (Kate, Tony/Andre) is hardly cold-blooded. Killing a cop named Eve because she's onto you, now that's cold-blooded.

LOL! I do not things will happen that way....I think Lucas's nights will be filled with adult videos and hand lotion...unless he is still a card carrying whorehouse member.lmao
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