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I wish they wolulda showed Monica not waning to go to the ball and dealing with everyone and maybe volenter to work so that some nurse or dr can go to the ball was going to have to work.

wow. im no emily fan but did i ever wanna see her bitch slap nick. and Lucky defneding sam? wtf is wrong with this asshole? greg v i still love you!! lucky just annoys me at the moment with his new hot sex buddy... but then again he dont know what all shes done so...

i did love the way NL, GV, BH, KM, & TC play off eachother tho.

OMFG! what was that... did we get a robin/maxie/georgie scene? no fukin way! I loved maxie being a crude bitch to leyla. i kinda felt bad for her, but... oh well. it worked given who and how maxie is. Kirsten Storms is rockin her role as bitchMaxie.

Lulu/Logan were so cute. Did i miss Johnny asking Nadine to take Logan so he could get to Lulu? or was that just random. ... I want Jason in a tux at this ball dancing with Liz!!

I am no Alexis fan, but i do love anyone telling Ric off. and where the hell does he get off saying she liked dangerous men? hello fuker, remember when you chained carly up?

for some reason that scene with Kate & Trevor on the balcony was kinda chilling. I love that he calls her Katie. Megan Ward is simply amazing. GH has been spot on for casting this year,

I also love that they had a logical reason everyone was stuck on the island.

The scenes of Diane & Jason were great, as Carly was getting herself into trouble. lol at dianes comment that since Carly has a gun someone will wind up dead.

i may be alone but i am loving this sweeps storyline. Its not as stuntish as everything else. and im loving the romance between Skate, Scrubs, Carjax, LL2. I mean, this storyline has it all. Mystery, Romance, Murder, Action...

cant wait to see more.

and just because i love this image... :tink:
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