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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I'm pretty sure the jokes about murder is not romance were said tongue-in-cheek.

I know when I point out Lucas's faults/crimes it's not because I'm not aware of EJ's faults/crimes.

Believe me, I know. And even if I didn't, don't fret because I and all the other EJ fans have plenty of people to remind us of those faults and point them out to us and scold us for being rapist-supporting sickos or whatever whenever we visit most DOOL boards and speak out in support of EJ, but when I'm frustrated that I feel like the show or other people are glossing over Lucas's faults to present him as some bland good guy, which he is not and has not been until Hogan decided he wanted Lucas to be a leading man, I sometimes bring them up. That is not the same thing as denying EJ has faults or has committed crimes. I also don't think this is the same thing as making excuses for EJ either. To me, it is pointing out a lot of the selective morality that goes on in this show's storylines and in the discussions about the show.

But even if there are some people who defend EJ saying it wasn't rape or argue EJ couldn't have killed Eve because he was with Sami at the time Eve was murdered while Tek was right there or Tek could have been the shooter when John was killed, that doesn't mean all EJ fans feel exactly the same about these things and should be painted with the same brush.

And if people are defensive about EJ or make excuses for him I doubt it's because they think murder or rape in real life is OK if the offender is hot enough (as some people allege about EJ fans) or they are totally blind to the bad things EJ had done, but maybe because they're sick and tired of being attacked for liking who they want to like and unhappy with how the show is portraying the character they like but just not knowing how to best articulate that.
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