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I'm not sure there's a real reason Holden and Lily are on the fritz. To hear Holden tell it, he's tired of doubting Lily, because she's kept some truths from him (like her addiction to diet pills, giving Carly the ransom money for JJ, and her suspicions about Winston, who pushed Luke and made him paralyzed.) Lily's version is she's "tired of not measuring up".

It's all bogus spin to inflict yet another split upon us. I couldn't care less what Lilden do. They'd actually be better off splitting them up, IMO.

I loved today's show, the scene with Babs by Hal's grave, when she talked to him and mimicked his "Get to the point, Barbara", almost made me cry.

Ro? Spooky...I hope she takes Meg down, actually. Paul's vows actually made me see a devoted side to him he's been lacking.

I flove the angst of Carjack....
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