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Nov 1 2007, 09:04 PM
Well, they deserve royatlties from the items they write which seems to be the big sticking point here.  I would want my cut of it instead of the big head of the studio who makes millions upon millions ending up with all of it.

But...they do get a cut. And my brain keeps getting hung up on all the movies derived from comic books, all the sequels, all the television shows ripped-from-the-headlines and barely adjusted to become fiction.

I mean, I'm seeing American popular culture in serious decline, in part because of a lack of creativity by people behind-the-scenes including writers, so I can't be sympathetic to them when they aren't totally happy with the formula determining how much they get from DVD sales or internet downloads.

And really, how much is it worth to come up with the crappy dialogue in, say, Spiderman? The concept isn't yours, the characters aren't yours, the basic plots aren't really yours...how much do you deserve?

I just don't support them in this, I guess.

You know who I would support, thinking about it? Musicians. Especially with all the show-closing musical montages on television lately, their work really enhances and fills out tv shows and movies. And I'd be willing to wager that they get less of a cut than writers, though their contribution is equally important, if not more so.
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