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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nov 2 2007, 12:38 PM
I'm actually starting to get into the sorority storyline.  :unsure:

I love how so many people seem to like this storyline but feel so guilty about admitting it. LOL. You are not alone. It's OK. As much as I hate the show jumping back into the rape issue, this is not turning out as horrific as I expected it would. I thought Jamie Chung turned in a really strong performance as Cordy. And more Stephanie flashbacks to her strange encounter the other night. Eek. The actor who is playing Ford continues to do an excellent job of creeping me the fuck out. BTW, I think he was wearing the same boxers as the guy in Stephanie's creepy flashbacks. Now given he's already being busted I take it this story is going to be more about the rape aftermath than the rape itself. I just hope they don't preach us to death but really give us a good dramatic story out of this, maybe even with Kayla telling Stephanie about her experience with Jack. Not sure if Stephanie even knows about that.

I love the scoring of this episode A LOT. We had just a little hint of Santeen piano when Lucas found the note transitioning into this ominous thing when he picks up the piece of paper. I liked the Santo Domingo shot too. But already ten minutes in we've had two people having back-to-back flashbacks. Guess it's Flashback Filler Friday.

Yay for Bope birthday cuteness with Ciara (Does DOOL have some cute baby factory that churns out these kids or what? Because the cutest babies in daytime by FAR live in Salem!) and more light romance with the photo album and kissing mixed in with the darkness of the rest of this episode. Plus, there's Steve and Kayla sharing a kiss cuteness. Uh oh... that playfulness turning into screaming has EJ bursting in. Damn Steve and Kayla need better locks cause that was way too easy for EJ. And yeah EJ is pretty irrational expecting them to let him see his son, but it's so in character for EJ to be delusional about this and think it's his right for him to see his kid the same way Stefano is delusional about thinking it'll be a piece of cake to take Sami and EJ to Italy to raise Gianni/Johnny there. And Sami is so delusional thinking that Stefano and EJ will have no interest in raising the kid. Just reinforces for me why Sami makes such a great addition to the DiMera family.

Still not caring about Lumi but at least in this instance Hogan is writing this rather than JER so Lucas busts Sami the next day after Sami finds out the truth about Johnny not making us wait through months or years of Sami looking pensive as we listen to her internal monologues over what will happen if the truth were to come out.

Stop using the lame metaphor "stirred up a hornet's nest," DOOL. It is as played out in your writing as the Elvis has left the building jokes.

Was it just me or was there some foreshadowing to the way that Steve told Kayla and Bo told Hope that they had wanted to get revenge on the DiMeras but it was their love for them that kept them from acting on those impulses. Maybe this means someone like Marlena who has lost the love of her life will be the one to go after the DiMeras then? I can only hope.
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