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Viewing Single Post From: As the World Spins #13

I usually post in the General Discussion Thread but this week I haven't.I get that way when I am not really enjoying what I see on screen.

Let's look at som things we saw this week.

There was a big wedding in Oakdale. Rosanna Cabot and Paul Ryan tied the knot.

Now weddings on soaps at one time were a big affair.They were usually held during one of the "sweep" months. They were usually a culmination of a big ongoing storyline.The men showed up in their tuxes and the ladies decked out in the finest gowns.Usually a grand set was designed for the wedding. Everybody in the cast were invited and extras were used.Usually the soap magazines devoted a spread to the event,showing off the gowns each ladiy wore with interviews with the actors.

Something happened at these events. A secret exposed,a secret overheard. Someone came back from the dead or someone was shot dead. Someone from the past arrived or a past connection was uncovered.

This week the big event happened at Fairwinds. The first day show Carly and Jack alone talking in a room. It was mentioned that Gwen,Will and Barbara was in the other room. The groom was at a dark cemetary talking with his lover while the bride hid behind a headstone. I know it was a cemetary but it was so darkly lit that if you weren't familiar with the voices you might not know who was in the scene. The next days vows weren't handled much better. Soap weddings sure have changed!

Speaking of gloom,Gwen and Will learned they would not going to be able to adopt because of Psycho Will's past.We saw Iris and Cole gleefully conspiring to sell Cole's baby to Barbara so poor wittle Gwennie could have a baby.How despicable can you get!

On the other hand this week we got to see Bob,Kim,Susan,Emma and Lisa on screen! Of course you wouldn't want to blink because you might miss them. It was especially nice to see Lisa and Emma!

There were very meaningful scenes between Luke and Noah that were probably the highlight of the week.Why does Jean and Chris relegate one of their best stories to one day a week?There were some tender moments between Dusty and Lily this week. Now,I am a die hard Lily and Holden fan but Jean has butchered the character of Holden Snyder so much to make me appreciate a Dily pairing!

Katie left town (YAY!!) as Carly and Jack grew closer.Dr Evers offered her a big sum of money to keep her from sueing him. It is only a matter of time before the whole thing comes out!

I guess the budget ax is swinging in Oakdale. Emma returned and her stove is missing!It's not there! I guess the Snyder stove got cut from contract to recurring! I wonder how Emma made those Ginger cookings for Meg while she was discussing who was the daddy of the baby she really can't have?

Looking Back!
I thought I would use this space to remember yesteryear in Oakdale!

Forty Years ago!

Claire Cassen,Ellen Stewart's mother, wed Dr. Michael Shea,a much younger man who was after the wealthy widow's money.
Michael began an affair with Lisa who became pregnant with Michael's baby.
Lisa coldly confronted Claire with the news she was preganant with her husband's baby.Claire granted Michael a divorce.
Lisa soon learned that a marriage to Michael was not what she thought it would be.
Lisa and Bob's son Tom returned from Viet Nam addicted to drugs.
Tom broke in to a medicine cabinetat the hospital to steal for his habit.
Michael caught him and blackmailed Lisa to keep her married to him.
It wasn't long until Michael was found murdered!
Lisa thought Tom did it and confessed to the crime.

Adultery,drugs and murder has always been a part of Life in Oakdale!

Until next time!
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