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Nov 2 2007, 02:15 PM
I'm also enjoying the sorority storyline--a huge improvement over what we were being force-fed all summer. This is a good group of younger actors and they are doing a great job. I'm even interested in what happened to Stephanie...although I think it's obvious now.

Sami is being delusional. She should know there's no way EJ and Stefano would let Lucas raise the newest Dimera (sorry, I'm having a hard time calling him John, and I hate the name Johnny). I do see potential for the old, feisty Sami to return and battle EJ over the parenting of the baby and also a custody fight between Sami and Lucas over the little girl. I can't wait for their divorce to be final so maybe Sami can get back to her old self. And does it bother anyone else that despite the sadness of their marriage being over and the baby boy belonging to EJ and Sami weeping all over herself, Lucas's expression never changes? Sadness, anger, despair--he always looks the same. Maybe it's an acting choice--he's trying to appear stoic and strong for Sami--but BD does this all the time, and it bothers me. Facial expression is crucial in acting (and that's why some actors need to lay off the Botox), and I wish BD would improve in this regard.

I liked today's episode. The sorority stuff is watchable but still I can't understand what has made Chelsea into such a goody-two shoes. Her voice has changed, she's understanding, she's sweet, concerned, and a good friend. Have I missed something with her, a brain transplant or shock treatments perhaps? And I have to say from years of watching Days the Bo and Hope scenes had me worried. I never like it when they are so happy saying things like, 'What would I do without you?' Hope giving Bo the scrapbook of memories. That's always ominous to me, I hope I'm wrong. :)
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