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I found today's show both frustrating and rewarding.

The good-Sorority Row. I continue to love Morgan and Max. Loved his resolve to rescue her once Cordy helped them put the clues together about Ford being the rapist. Sorry I just can't feel sorry for Stephanie mooning over Uncle Max. Hurry up NuJeremy.

The bad-regardless of the situation, I think it was wrong of Steve and Kayla to not even let EJ look at the baby. He was not threatening. He didn't say give him to me, I'm taking him away. Once again the holierthanthou Bradys pronounce who can have feelings and presume to know exactly what they are if they do. I find it boring when the good guys are so nasty and get away with it. The hazmet crapola was OTT and someone should get a huge smackdown for that. I wonder if most people realize just how hideously expensive it is to call out the crew? And for a ruse, that was just ridiculous.

The worst-the everlasting Lumi moaning and pissing marathon. LET IT BE OVER...please. If this was the only time, I would not be so uncaring, but this is just he latest boohoo fest. This pair is not romantic, not sexy and just puke-inducing. I'm still a little queasy thinking Lucas would have boinked Sami one day after birthing twins---ewwwwwwww. One of the biggest tragedies of the Lumi pairing has been the disappearance of Sami Brady. She only ever shows up around EJ. We saw a peek of her yesterday with Belle. Hopefully, we will soon see the return of Sami. I can take hateful, manipulative and scheming Sami, when appropriate but I despise mewling, kowtowing, obsequious Sami.

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