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Chelsea started changing around last Christmas when she reconciled with Hope and Nick came along. She had a few regressions but, like Drew said, May is when her character became much softer. Stephanie was like a more extreme version of Chelsea and they are starting work their way out of that now.

I enjoy the sorority story. The acting has been good and I really like the approach. It's being taken seriously and the focus is more on the rape's impact rather then the rape. Love Max saving Morgan and seeing Billie do something is a plus. Stephanie being understanding and letting Max go to Morgan was nice too. Chick being together makes this even better. The actor playing Ford is pretty good and the actress playing Cordy did a real good job. I like her parents being around too. It was all well-done and the vague flashbacks of what happened to Stephanie are creepy. This story could be really good if Days continues to write it this way.

Loved Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla getting some romance and cute scenes. These are the scenes that were missing from Days earlier this year and this summer. We've been getting them more lately and that is a good thing. Bo helping Steve and Kayla was fun, especially with Hope's reaction. Also, loving Stefano and EJ going after Johnny. I wish Kate would stay out of their business though. She knows they had John killed yet she hangs around there all because she is desperate to keep Lucas around. I think she will come out of this next week though.

Sami and Lucas was sad but I am just glad the divorce has happened and we are going somewhere. I love Lumi but I am just glad the merry go around has come to an end.

Not a bad week. I enjoyed pretty much everything. Wednesday and Thursday lagged for me but not too bad.
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