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Nov 2 2007, 03:26 PM
Alright i skipped some of tuesday's episode and didn't watch yesterdays..What happened to Stephanie??????? Did something happen offscreen before she showed up to Steve and Kayla's? I saw the weird memory flash of hers and had no idea what it was about...But i'm very intrigued..

Great stuff with the sorority stuff today..i like that storyline..Its very refreshing compared to lumi/ejami..

It's hard to say, Kev. They never came out with it. She showed up at Steve and Kayla's and told Kayla she was partying and was all over some guys. She called herself a whore and Kayla told her that she can't call herself that because, if she were, she would've slept with all those men. That comment seemed to affect her. She was also obsessed with showering and changing her clothes before going back to campus. She mentioned it like three times and, at the end of the episode, she said that Max would never forgive her after what happened last night and then broke down in tears.

Yesterday and today she had those vague flashbacks so my guess is she was raped by Ford, especially since it seems whoever was in the flashbacks had the same boxers on as Ford. I think she blames herself in a way because she was always flirting with guys and so on. She had an affected look on her face when Corday came forward and when listening to the fight between Jett, Max, and Ford so I think she was a victim.
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