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Nov 2 2007, 07:40 PM
Nov 2 2007, 05:40 PM
From what I am reading online I think I would like the college storyline.  I just haven't bothered to watch the other days because I am just tired of the whole Sami/Lucas/EJ story and didn't even tape the shows on DVR.  The college storyline just isn't enough for me to tune in and even FF the boring stuff to watch the college stuff.  I will have to do a search on You Tube this weekend to see if anyone puts clips of this up.


I would encourage you to tune in at least one day just to see if there's anything you like or try to catch the repeats on SoapNet if you can because even if they do still have the Ejamicas merry-go-round at least nowadays in the midst of plot plot plot we are getting cute romantic moments with Bope and Payla that don't always show up in the spoilers. Like Bope celebrating Bo's birthday today was a really great surprise as was Payla in bed yesterday.

Yeah I will probably tape the Soapnet rerun tonight to see at least today's show.

I did watch on Monday and enjoyed a bit of the college stuff when they were looking for Chelsea.

I really want to feel like every day I have to come home and watch Days, but I just haven't felt that way in a while. I did watch every day during the John stuff, but that was the first time in a long time I felt the rush to go home and watch. Then I lost it pretty quickly the next week.
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