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I made only one Soap channel as knowing my cable service, I'd only get one and not the other. That would upset me beyond words, and I'd be wanting a satellite which I can't afford. (Hell when my cable put SoapNet on digital, after it had been on expanded basic for more six years, I upgraded on one set mainly to see Another World rebroadcasts, which was $15 more a month.)

For ease of viewing, the sake of my TiVo which sometimes updates overnight messing up my Ryan's Hope recordings, and the occasional outages (power, cable or weather related pre-emptions), I'd have set up my SoapNet with 12 hour scheduling for the most part. As in each show on the air would be broadcast twice a day. From 1 to 4 pm eastern I would not have any classic daytime soaps as I'd want people who watch currently airing shows not to have to choose.

During the week:

6:00 AM - Another World
7:00 AM - The Young and the Restless (yesterday)
8:00 AM - All My Children (yesterday)
9:00 AM - One Life to Live (yesterday)
10:00 AM - General Hospital (yesterday)
11:00 AM - Days of our Lives (yesterday)
12:00 PM - Ryan's Hope (from where they ended in late 1981 or so)
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Prime Time in the Daytime (This block would have reruns of Melrose Place, 90210, OTH, OC, Dallas, Dynasty or even Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman or Dangerous Women as it had people from Generations on it. Basically it would be all the prime time shows that this channel would air and they would rotate. Other short lived shows could also be in this slot, that aired at night. Former SoapNet shows like Hotel, Sisters and Falcon Crest could also be in this time slot.)
4:00 PM - Sunset Beach
5:00 PM - Santa Barbara
6:00 PM - Another World (new episode repeat is at 6 am)
7:00 PM - Days of our Lives
8:00 PM - All My Children
9:00 PM - One Life to Live
10:00 PM - General Hospital
11:00 PM - The Young and the Restless
12:00 AM - Sunset Beach (rerun of 4 PM airing)
1:00 AM - Ryan's Hope (rerun of noon airing)
2:00 AM - Santa Barbara (rerun of 5 pm airing)
3:00 AM - 6 AM - Replay of Primetime in Daytime Block

For the time being I'd rest Port Charles, but I'd bring it back eventually. If the prime time in daytime block was cut from 3 to 2 hours, that would be the third hour.

Over the weekend, the same day shows (Y&R, Days, AMC, GH and OLTL) would air 25 episodes in 24 hours. This way I'd have more time to play with for programming.

The other weekend programming I'd have was a SoapTalk clone that aired two new episodes each weekend.

I'd also get the rights to old soap related shows, episodes of tabloid and talk shows that had soap guests or segments, and game shows with soap panelists/players. For example Susan and Bill Hayes on Password Plus, many of the Days cast in the 80s on various episodes of Win, Lose or Draw, Richard Dawson's Family Feud with OLTL vs GH, episodes of Merv Griffin show with The Soapy Awards, Donahue's pre-Daytime Emmy all soap star episodes, when Oprah had on AMC actors basically anything and everything related to soaps, but not soaps. Just love those kinds of things and find them a lot of fun. This wouldn't be all weekend, but an hour here or there. Some of this material would be repurposed for inclusion in a soap history show I'd have on the channel. And when soaps would be pre-empted, I'd air these kind of shows as a replacement. I'd also get the rights to old promos and air them on the station. I wouldn't want just new ads, but the classic ones as well.

I'd have a new show that for lack of a better name would be called "Commentary". How it would work is that a famous episode of a show (like Marlena's possession on Days) would air and we'd have actual commentary from the actors. It wouldn't be like how on SoapNet they sometimes have actors intro material and make a couple sentence comment. It would be like the Reva and Roger tapes that P&G produced for GL back in the 90s. We'd see a segment, then hear the actors talk about the history, the taping or anything else they wanted to discuss and then see the next segment. Due to the difficulty for people to turn on and off audio tracks, I wouldn't do it exactly like on a DVD set.

During the weekend, I'd sometimes do what Nick's TVLand used to do which was have a whole evening's broadcast aired on their channel. So for example on one Sunday I'd have the NBC soap broadcast circa 1985 with episodes of SFT, Days, AW and Santa Barbara. The next week it would be 1968 on CBS... If possible I'd use classic ads just like TVLand was able to do.

I'd also have weekend only soaps like from outside the US that used to be in syndication or on PBS more than a decade ago like Eastenders, Neighbours, Fair City. (Those are three I can recall watching, though my reception for Eastenders was so bad, it made it almost impossible to watch.) I'd also have a block of one 30 min P&G soap that aired for five hours over the weekend (2 1/2 hour block broadcast twice in the weekend. Once during the day, and once in the middle of the night.) I'd do the same with Loving/The City...

If I'd have time I'd occasionally do "They Started on Soaps" marathons during the weekend showing episodes focused upon actors who started in daytime. I'd bring back the St. Pat's marathon for Ryan's Hope and have other marathons based on themes each weekend. I'd have classic episodes of current shows airing on the weekends as well or for the classic shows episodes that started before or will be airing much later after the current place in time that is being shown on the channel.

BL (who reserves the right to change her mind as this is only a working thing and not 100% specific.)
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