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Janelle Monae is Android # 57821 aka Cindi Mayweather

Am I the only the one that stopped being able to remember Survivor castaways names after the first few seasons? :lol: Seriously, I go to work and talk about the show with a co-worker and we're like "that anorexic girl" or "the chicken guy that scared the shyt out of me at tribal council." DAAAYUM!!! :lol:

Only a few of those names are familiar to me.

I don't think this All Star season is going to be as highly anticipated as the first one. I'm like "Who the funk are these people?" and I'm sure a lot of people feel that way. They haven't had a truly memorable cast in a long time. I guess part of that is because the novelty of the game has worn off, so hardly anything new happens anymore. But I also think the casting has been piss poor and they've stopped doing character development beyond the two or three people they like.
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