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Nov 2 2007, 07:31 AM
OMFG, I had no clue they were shooting another All-stars Survivor!  Wow, how excited am I?  :D

I can't believe Julie Berry is on it again though...isn't she Probst's girl?  That doesn't seem fair.

I doubt that Jeff is still with Julie. There have been rumors for years that Jeff goes out with women and men. I don't understand why they would bring her back if she did date him for a while, she might know too many things about the show. I'm happy about Yeo Man, I liked that guy! Another guy they should bring back for All Stars (I forgot his name) was the dolpin instructer who played a good game, got into the final three and dropped out so someone else could win - feeling guilty about something he had done. Also, what was the name of the guy from last year who won all the immunity challenges but lost to Yul? I called him 'Tarzan' because he was so physically good. I've forgot all their names, too crc. :lol:
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