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That picture captures the crime of extreme sorasing so well. I do remember when John and Marlena wed and Belle was the flower girl. John was kidnapped by Steffy to resume his activites with Gina/Hope and when all was said and done, Belle was a teen played by Kirsten Storms. The sl could not have talken more than six months, I'm not sure but the sorasing was staggering. I did, however, like KS and JS as Belle and Shawn back then. I also loved Philip and Chloe, until Brady the newest sactimonious Salem dweller intruded. Ach...bad memories.

Thanks IMiss, you always have a treat for us, even on the dullest, most insipid days on Days.

Can we have a looped clip of EJ's fantasy of shooting Lucas for tomorrow's thread? That thought might make the stomach-turning Lumi crap tolerable.

Today might not be so bad. Belle continues to shake some of the glitter off her hooha by telling Shawn she put a monkey wrench in his plans to be the newest corrupt Salem policeman. LOLOLOL And no Lumi, YAY!!!!!
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