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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nov 5 2007, 11:09 AM
That picture captures the crime of extreme sorasing so well. I do remember when John and Marlena wed and Belle was the flower girl. John was kidnapped by Steffy to resume his activites with Gina/Hope and when all was said and done, Belle was a teen played by Kirsten Storms. The sl could not have talken more than six months, I'm not sure but the sorasing was staggering. I did, however, like KS and JS as Belle and Shawn back then. I also loved Philip and Chloe, until Brady the newest sactimonious Salem dweller intruded. Ach...bad memories.

Thanks IMiss, you always have a treat for us, even on the dullest, most insipid days on Days.

Can we have a looped clip of EJ's fantasy of shooting Lucas for tomorrow's thread? That thought might make the stomach-turning Lumi crap tolerable.

Today might not be so bad. Belle continues to shake some of the glitter off her hooha by telling Shawn she put a monkey wrench in his plans to be the newest corrupt Salem policeman. LOLOLOL And no Lumi, YAY!!!!!

LOL Cindy. I'm not sure if such a video of Lucas getting shot on a loop exists but if you find it let me know.

Still, unless someone beats me to making the daily threads, it's going to be all wedding stuff, all the time for your clips this week. :lol:
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