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John beds Marty! Alex weds David!

My new favourite non-couple is Jared … and Natalie. Yep, you read that correctly. I adore how jealous that shrew has become thanks to Jared’s wicked sense of justice and humour — I love, love, love this guy! John Brotherton (Jared) is crack on two legs, baby. What a rascal – and check out his fierce Justin Timberlake-inspired fashion sense in Soap Opera Weekly’s “Dressed For Success” pages this week.
In another brilliant OLTL casting move, R. Brandon Johnson has been cast in the recurring role of Chuck Wilson III — the son for Asa’s former right-hand man who will be involved in Jared and Natalie’s lives. Astute OLTL fans will remember the amazing and super-sexy actor from his brief stint as Michael McBain before Nathaniel Marston was re-hired in the role, after being killed off as Al Buchanan. I betcha OLTL regrets that decision these days!

In the Yuck Department, on Wednesday, John and Marty have sex — before she and Cole go missing. Is it just me or my pathetic dating life, but didn’t Trevor St. John (Todd) and Michael Easton (John) give major sexual subtext during their hunt for a drag queen and her child? Very hot; John comes alive when’s he’s bickering with Todd — they have chemistry coming out of the you-know-what! In a perfect world, these two would be a romantic couple.

Also, major DVR alert: Alex marries David after posing as a rich, sex-addicted socialite at a rehab centre to get her hands on the Buchanan fortune. Brills. Also, this Friday Asa is back in video form when he reads his will.
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