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Nov 5 2007, 01:43 PM
I'm watching live and can't believe the Belle and Philip scene. She has abandonment issues because Philip left Salem, and Shawn was the only one around to comfort her? I remember Belle chasing after Shawn during her marriage to Philip. I'm not believing what Hope is doing either. :bs:

And that is why I can't buy Phelle as a couple. The whole time Belle was married to Philip she wanted Shawn.

I do get that maybe she felt that she might have some unresolved feelings about her marriage with Philip. But abandonment NO. In fact I think she was more offended that Philip just sent divorce papers through the mail with a check and Shawn had moved on with Willow after his marriage with Mimi ended.

She was right in the Philip took off when she didn't go running back to his arms. She said she needed time to sort out her feelings and couldn't promise their marriage would work out. Philip took off because she couldn't promise him anything. But at that time she didn't say she wanted Shawn to him.

Again I just think it makes Philip look pathetic (unless this is a master plan to destory Shelle for revenge) to be chasing after a girl who didn't want him in the first place.
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