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Nov 5 2007, 11:23 AM
It's just a soap, guys.

Soaps, by their very nature of entering our homes FIVE DAYS A WEEK and warming our hearts or RIPPING THEM OUT, turning us on or instilling negative values in us, on a daily basis, are ALWAYS more than "just a soap."

Soaps become OUR lives. Marlena is OUR mother. Sami is OUR sister (whether we like it or not!) Grandma Horton? She's OUR grandma. Hell, so is Caroline Brady. Maybe even Maggie, to some.

Belle? She's OUR fiancee, and we're MAD AS HELL that she had an affair.

Those twins? One of them is OURS, and we DEMAND to see that boy or we'll get a court order.

Our husband or best friend, John, JUST DIED, for crying out loud!

We worry about our son, Shawn, every day, and the dangers he face as he is about to enter police academy.

Again, this is NOT just a soap.

These are our friends, lovers and fond memories.

THESE are the days of our lives.

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