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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Monday, Nov. 5
Red Mist
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Ok..Here are my opinions...Shawn just looks weak...I am suppose to see him as a grown man in his late 20's...Yet his parents coddle him and he acts like a boy in his late teens, not sexy...not worthy of being held onto. When I see him I think... no wonder Belle is screwing around with Phillip all the time...When the Phelle kiss happened today Belle 's little brain flashed back to her trist with Phillip...This tells me that something more then pity or lust is going on here. I would not be surprised at all if Phelle ends up reunited.

Hope and Kayla...While it was nice to see these two actors working together, I have to say I am tired of the SHELLE pimping. I'd like to see Bope just be Bope...Not Bope always worrying about Shawn and Belle...I would like to see the vets used more then just props..JMO

I like the picture of J&M...very pretty....The clip of Broe made me excited about Nadia's return. :D
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