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"It's not easy being Green"
November 04, 03:26 PM

Days ‘adopted’ a park last weekend. A whole bunch of actors and crew from the show met up at a local park, and we planted trees, raked leaves and generally got the place looking pretty good. (I must say!) It was part of NBC/Universal’s campaign to bring awareness to being ‘Green’. And not in a Kermit kind of way.

Actually, this has been quite a ‘Green’ year for me! This spring, Lucas and Sami got married in a eco-friendly wedding. And that was such a big awakening for me. I learned there are more ways to help the environment than just recycling. During the Lumi wedding, Bryan and I had a bunch of scenes about ways the ceremony and reception could be more earth-minded. And it was so cool how we got all these local vendors to help us make the event really special.

I’ve participated in a number of Green events since then, planting trees, and such. Supporting charities who are focused on saving the environment. Even the Oscars were green this year!

Bottom line, we learned that every little bit helps. I read one poster saying something like planting a couple trees isn’t going to make a difference. But I don’t agree with that. Ultimately, our goal is to bring awareness to a growing problem. And encouraging everyone to be more environmentally conscience is exactly what we have to do. So go – plant trees! Support local growers at your farmers market. Carpool. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Spread the word that every little bit helps. There are a lot of things I’ve learned in the last year about how to be part of the solution. Using cloth grocery bags. I sold my gas-guzzler and bought a hybrid. Solar panels. Basically, I guess we’re all learning how to be more aware of how our behavior affects the planet.

There are a ton of great websites about this. I am so glad to be a part of this solution – and proud that NBC is really making an effort to get it out there on the mainstream. Biggest Loser has some great Green facts in our episode on Tuesday night, along with a pretty cool challenge. Check it out, and start finding ways you can be Green. XO


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