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Nov 5 2007, 05:22 PM
Ok..Here are my opinions...Shawn just looks weak...I am suppose to see him as a grown man in his late 20's...Yet his parents coddle him and he acts like a boy in his late teens, not sexy...not worthy of being held onto. When I see him I think... no wonder Belle is screwing around with Phillip all the time...When the Phelle kiss happened today Belle 's little brain flashed back to her trist with Phillip...This tells me that something more then pity or lust is going on here. I would not be surprised at all if Phelle ends up reunited.

As a fan of Shawn I do agree with what you are saying. But I still think he has come a long way from where he was last year yelling and blaming anyone that he thought wronged him.

With Phelle though I see Philip chasing after a woman that didn't want him before. He is just coming off pathetic to me telling Belle what she is feeling, etc. I really hope that Philip is really up to no good with all of this. Totally playing Belle which results in Shelle breaking up and then he dumps her as all part of his plan. That would be the sneaky Kirakis in him coming out. He beats Shawn by taking Belle away from him and gets revenge on Belle for not really loving him the way she should have.

Basically all three are being written pretty bad during this storyline. I just hope at the end there is a point and at least some of the characters are likeable in end.
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