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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Today's episode was REALLY ANNOYING.

I was annoyed that even though it was EJamicas free that it still started with Kayla and Hope rehashing EJamicas drama. I was annoyed that every instinct Hope had about telling the truth was right but Kayla kept giving her best friend such horrible advice in coddling her son and keeping the secret about Belle. I hate that the whole rationale for lying to Shawn is: 1) he's apparently too much of a wimp to handle the emotional hurt of his dream girl cheating on him 2) even though he's got a 2-year-old kid and in his mid/late 20s, he's apparently too immature to handle such news without totally flipping out and breaking the law somehow going after the guy she slept with 3) he's too much of a loser to deserve better than a fiance that cheats on him with her ex-husband.

I was annoyed that the rest of the episode backed up their rationale as Shawn spent the whole time at the police academy whining to Bo that Bo's nepotism wasn't good enough to get him into the academy when the truth of his past reckless behavior came to light thanks to the letter. Sorry, DOOL, I DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR SHAWN NOT GETTING HIRED BY THE SALEM PD because the academy found out he did fuck up. And you can't make me. Because I really don't think this hothead belongs there and even more, I'm annoyed how they seem to be shoving all these Shawn comparisons to Bo down my throat. It doesn't make me like Shawn more. It makes me like Shawn less because he will never be Bo and I'd rather the show let him be his own person.

The best part of the episode was Phelle I guess. I love that Phillip's response to Belle whining about the two of them having made love in her bed with Shawn was: Let's do it again. LOL. Also liked the line about them not being in high school anymore. But even the Phelle stuff was annoying. The rewritten history bothered me TONS and it hasn't other days. Belle playing the victim for their marriage falling apart was irksome. Phillip raising valid points about how her heart was with Shawn during their marriage and Belle dismissing them and pitying herself simply because Phillip wasn't clairvoyant enough to realize Belle was just playing hard to get in their own marriage and Phillip accepting that as rational and OK was infuriating. Also, hated how quickly she dismissed Phillip's valid point that Shawn was actually not there to help her pick up the pieces after the Claire reveal because he was too busy playing house with an ex-hooker. And to hear Belle blames HERSELF for Willow and pushing Shawn to her? UM WHAT? That's all kinds of fucked up.

Further annoying me was that so much of their scene seemed like it was ripped out of an old EJ and Sami scene with the same exact back and forth of Belle telling him to get out as her fiance will be home any minute and doth protesting too much about what happened while Phillip keeps pressuring her to admit her feelings for him and insisting he knows her better than she knows herself or she wants to admit. I wish they would give Phelle their own dynamic but a lot of the time it feels to me like they are recycling Ejami lines and it's annoying even though I like Ejami, or maybe because of it.

And that Bo's reaction to findout Belle slept with Phillip isn't being mad at the trampy fiance who's breaking his son's heart but mad at his brother? Huh?

If everyone is giving Belle a free pass because they feel bad for her that John died, then say so. Because I can't think of any other freaking reason they would do this.
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