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I fail to see these so called rewrites or what is so wrong about Hope keeping the truth from Shawn. First off, she told Bo after what, a day in Salem time? That isn't bad, really. I can see why she wouldn't tell him the truth. Shawn is a hot head, just like Bo. If Bo was in a battle with someone, Hope would not tell him something she knew would send him off in a rage big enough to kill. She would keep whatever it was from him to protect him from doing something he would regret. Same with Shawn. His future is at stake. He has already made so many mistakes and learning the truth could push him so far over the edge he never comes back. I don't see how it's not in character for her to do this.

As for the 3 characters, Shawn should be like this after all the mistakes he has made. He is afraid to fail again. He knows what it's like to lose everything so when the threat of that happening arises, he is going to be like he is. Belle is confused and she should be. Philip just up and left last year after learning about Claire. There was no closure. She was married to him for over a year. She did love him so her wavering right now is logical. Philip came back to Salem in January a suffering man. He knew he had lost Belle when he left. He lost Claire. He lost his leg before. His face was damaged. I am sure Victor planted the seeds for him to fight back, especially with Shawn and Belle reuniting in his absence. The rage built up and he exploded while fighting for what he lost.

Nearly dying on the boat changed all that. It made Philip realize he was going about it all wrong so he took a new approach, allowing Belle to open her heart once again to him because she was seeing the kind, loving man she fell in love with. Again, I ask where is the rewrites? I don't see any. The story actually has a great follow through.

As for today's show, loved Hope/Kayla and Shawn/Bo. Nice family relationship scenes that are classic Days. Nice seeing Ciara more too.

Belle/Philip was good drama that alluded to some of what I mentioned above. Philip and Belle laying their cards out on the table really helped this story along and the ending with Belle's reveal about the letter was a nice soap twisty-ending. Love Hope telling Bo the truth too.

Nice Lucas/Sami/EJ free day and looking forward to tomorrow.
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