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yeah, i thought the body was coopers as well.

I loved Emily going off on Logan. As much as i love Logan homeie has some temper issues. Hes always about to beat someone, so im glad someone called him out on it. The best part was Maxie in the background LOLing. Thats why i love that girl!! I also liked the GSpin scenes. Maxie/Georgie scenes were also great to watch. I wish GH would build upon the Georgie/Maxie/Robin relationship.

Carly & Jax were also good to watch. I love this relationship. Also... i think id like to see Sam & Jerry hookin up. He is so much better suited for her than Lucky is. The shooting at the end kinda made me LOL, mostly cuz the only one i kinda care about is Jax. I also liked Skate scenes. I love Kate and she even makes Sonny fun to watch.

I am loving the ballroom scenes and everyone in there together interacting with eachother.

I am hoping Nadine isnt next. It kinda ended to obvious he was gonna kill her. I think if they were gonna kill her (anytime soon anyways) it woulda been done today.

The Liz scenes in the hall were pretty creepy. Oh many dead bodys has this girl found? Also, Jason grabbing her was stupid. we all knew it was him. maybe if they hadnt showed him on the speedboat getting there. But i loved her reaction to it being him. I cant wait for more!!
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