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Bella Principessa
Nov 6 2007, 01:39 AM
Nov 6 2007, 02:27 AM
Bella Principessa
Nov 6 2007, 12:08 AM
Dear god, I gave in and watched all of the GH today. I gave in to the evil. And worse, I liked it. :hide: My Rexis was beyond fabulous, but the over all show...wasn't to bad, at all. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I will not get sucked back in.

LoL, come to the dark side!

....at least for the remainder of the next week or two, cuz after we'll be right back to a lot of the same 'ol, same 'ol, :lol:

The dark side was so pretty and good today. LOL I found myself looking at my glass of "kool -aid" thinking that just one sip won't hurt me. :lol:

Hell, if Guza is willing to give me Rexis like he did today, I'll :D and be a nice little girl and let him play with Liason. LMAO Today was a great show over all. And I'm not one to praise GH. LOL So you know it had to good. :D

I'm ready for tomorrow, my Rexis gets one more day, well they're sharing with Liason which is blah but I'm gonna remember :D, to shine. That was my Ric and Alexis today. And I had to wait a through a year of pure hell for that. And it was worth it. :wub: I don't understand it. GH won't write for them, and then when they do...this is what they give me? This, fucking awesome scenes that will go down as some of the best Rexis. Guza is is own worst enemy.

LoL about the Kool-Aid!!!!

ITA with what you said though.

We haven't had any Rexis material since Alexis' cancer storyline. It's about damn time! Reminds me of the train crash from two years ago, but it was flipped and Alexis was hurt and giving birth to Molly while Ric was taking care of her.

GAWD these two need a story to get them back together! A nice, long story with lots of screen time, LoL.

Glad that you are enjoying it. I ususally just take it for what it's worth, but this past summer drrraaagggeed along like nobody's business.

Hopefully we can at least keep up this momentum through the holidays. Now with the WGA strike though, who knows what could/is going to, happen.
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