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Monday, Nov 5th was the best episode of Heroes this season! It was just like the great season 1 episodes! LOVED every minute of it.

And it's funny how this episode had all of the original characters and no new characters...

I'm not saying that that copycat girl or the killing Mexican girl and her brother aren't cool, but they pushed them into this season a lot and too much from the start, without doing much with other old characters.

But now I see that all of that was necessary to build up to this great episode!

It was funny how characters starts travel trough time and all of the sudden we had to wonder not WHERE they are but WHEN they are... :lol:

I'm glad both Peter and Hiro are back to present.

The biggest shock was of course when that Adam guy turned out to be Kensei! I knew he would be alive, but I didn't think he is actually Adam!! :o

Great stuff!
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