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Shield creator refuses to cross picket line

In an email that made the rounds through Hollywood on Monday, Shawn Ryan, showrunner on The Shield, stated that he would not cross the picket line for any of his shows, not even to perform his non-writing duties. ''I obviously will not write on my shows. But I also will not edit, I will not cast, I will not look at location photos, I will not get on the phone with the network and studio, I will not prep directors, I will not review mixes,'' Ryan wrote. ''I can't in good conscience fight these bastards with one hand, while operating an Avid with the other. I am on strike and I am not working for them. PERIOD.'' Similarly, The Office stars B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling, who also double as writers, did not cross the picket line on Monday to shoot episodes that were written before the strike started. Though showrunners and actors are required under their contracts to fulfill their non-writing duties during the strike, most insiders say it's unlikely that networks and studios would go after hyphenates who stand by the striking writers' union. (Variety)
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