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Recently two characters with family ties showed up in Oakdale.

First was Bob and Kim Hughes son Christopher.Dylan Bruce,became the fifth adult actor to play the Hughes yoingest son.He returned with Emily Stewart,the former lover of his older brother and the mother of his nephew. Chris met Emily in Paris. He had been working at a clinic in Africa. This week we saw that Chris still has a contentious relationship with his dad. Time will tell if Bruce will fit in to Oakdale. He has the looks for it. Does he have the acting chops to go with it?

Also debuting is James Evan Walsh IV. He is the son of Evan III, a character played by Greg Watkins. Evan IV is played by InTurn winner Ryan Serhart.Evan IV is a Medical Researcher, a biochemist who will work with Montgomery Enterprises.It has been established that he is a good friend of Chris Hughes.Chris wants him to work at the Hospital,much to Bob Hughes disapproval. Craig Montgomery hired him to spite his step- greatgradmother Lucinda.His first scenes look promising. Hey,if he can come out unscathed in a scene with Scott Bryce and Liz Hubbard,he just might work out!

To know E4 better,let's look at the history of E3.

Posted Image

Greg Watkins(pictured above) began as Evan Jamison in 1990.
Evan came to work at Walsh Enterprises with his sister Connor Jamison .
They were hiding their identity from Lucinda Walsh.
They blamed Lucinda for their father's suicide. Lucinda had taken the company away from their father.
They took WE away to even the score and avenge their father.
Evan became involved with Courtney Baxter,who was dating Andy Dixon.
Evan had a one night stand with Emily Stewart.
When Rosanna Cabot came to town he was attracted to her. His attraction intensified when he discovered she was a wealthy heiress.
All that stopped when his mother,Edwina Walsh revealed she had an affair with Rosanna's father. Rosanna was his half sister!
When DNA tests came back negative,he angrily confronted his mother who lied because she did not approve of their relationship.
Evan and Rosanna's relationship was tested when she fell for Mike Kasnoff.
Evan tried to get Mike in trouble with his parole officer.
When Rosanna discovered what Evan did they broke up.
Evan then became Barbara Ryan's "boytoy" when he went to work with her.
Barbara realized that wouldn't work and they broke up.
James Evan Walsh III left Oakdale to join the Merchant Marines.
What happened between the Merchant Marines and the birth of Evan IV remains to be seen.


SPECIAL THANKS for giving us scenes with the beloved vets of As the World Turns! I can't help but believe that this is a part of the reason for the rise in ATWT's ratings!
The Hughes lunch scenes were some of the best for the week!

Until next time!

Evan3 remembrances from memory with help from Soap Central.
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